VIVA Trade Center

The Viva Trade Center project was completed between 2007-2009 and comprised of twelve shopping malls. The project was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dukagjin Hasimja, a university professor specializing in trade centers, shopping malls, and retail design. The center was commissioned by one of the biggest brand chains in Kosovo, with store sizes ranging from 3000-6000 sqm.

The design of the Viva Trade Center was carefully crafted to provide a holistic customer experience, with a focus on more than just food stores. The project aimed to create a visually stunning and functional space that would draw in customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience.

Working alongside Prof. Hasimja, our team paid close attention to every detail of the design process, ensuring that the final product met the highest standards of quality and functionality. The result was a stunning and innovative trade center that has become a landmark in the region.

Overall, the Viva Trade Center project is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative design solutions. By considering the customer experience and paying close attention to every detail, the project created a space that is not only functional but also visually stunning and unforgettable.