GUtech Walk – Business District

The GUtech Walk, also known as the GUtech Business District, is an exciting extension of the GUtech campus that will offer a range of amenities, including a shopping center, cafes, restaurants, clinics, and office space. This project is designed not only to serve the students and Marbella Residence, but also the neighborhood community and visitors passing through. As the first business district of its kind in Oman, it will stand as a landmark on the route to and from Dubai.

The GUtech Walk will feature a spacious public walking area that is shaded from sunlight and cooled by natural ventilation systems. This feature will provide a comfortable and inviting environment for visitors to relax and enjoy the amenities on offer. The whole project follows a futuristic approach and incorporates modern technology to make it a sustainable and resource-friendly building that is ahead of its time.

The project team's commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency is evident throughout the design, with careful consideration given to every aspect of the building's construction. The use of modern technology ensures that the building is not only sustainable but also efficient, enhancing the user experience and reducing the building's impact on the environment.

Overall, the GUtech Walk project is a remarkable achievement that will provide a range of amenities to the local community and visitors passing through. The project's emphasis on sustainability and resource efficiency is a testament to the team's commitment to creating a better and more sustainable future. The GUtech Walk stands as a landmark project in Oman, setting the standard for future developments in the region.