C Table – Competition

The Concrete Table design is a stunning example of parametric work created for a modern gallery in Albania. The task at hand was to design monolithic furniture made entirely out of concrete, a challenging and innovative concept that required a creative and innovative approach.

The resulting design is a true masterpiece, showcasing the incredible adaptability and versatility of concrete as a material. The parametric approach allowed for precise control over the design process, ensuring that the final product met the gallery's needs while also pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design.

The Concrete Table is a monolithic piece that exudes a sense of solidity and permanence, making it an ideal fit for a modern gallery setting. Despite its weight and size, the table has a sleek and modern aesthetic that blends seamlessly with its surroundings, creating an elegant and visually striking focal point in the gallery.

Overall, the Concrete Table design is a testament to the power of parametric work and its ability to push the boundaries of traditional design concepts. The final product is a stunning example of the adaptability and versatility of concrete as a material, showcasing the creative potential of innovative design solutions.