Master Diploma

I am proud to have completed my Master's Diploma in Parametric Architecture at the prestigious University of Bauhaus, under the guidance of the esteemed Professor Dr. Arie Graafland from TU Delft.

Certainly! Parametric architecture is a field of design that utilizes digital tools and algorithms to create complex and innovative designs. It allows for the creation of structures that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional, sustainable, and efficient.

The focus of my project was to design the new Architecture University of TU Delft, utilizing parametric design principles to create a stunning and innovative building. The concept of the design was inspired by the smooth forms of stones in a canyon, which has been shaped by water over time. This movement and erosion were simulated in the design to create a series of smooth, organic buildings that blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

The project was a great success and was recognized as one of the best designs in the program. It was showcased at both the University of Bauhaus and TU Delft, highlighting the innovative and forward-thinking approach that was taken in the design.

Overall, my Master's Diploma in Parametric Architecture was an incredible experience, allowing me to explore the intersection of technology, design, and sustainability. The project was a true representation of the power of parametric design to create visually stunning and innovative buildings that are both functional and sustainable.