Solar Campus

This project marks a collaboration between British Petroleum Oman and Oman Educational Services with the aim of developing the first solar campus in Oman. The project was divided into two phases: the initial design phase, where students participated, and the finalizing phase, where I developed the design to constructive details and finalized the solar concept.

The primary objective of the project is to create a learning center that educates individuals on solar power. The center features indoor classrooms for theoretical knowledge and outdoor facilities for practical, hands-on training. There are three different training areas for different roof constructions, providing ample space for individuals to learn how to install, maintain, and monitor solar panels.

The solar campus project is a critical initiative that promotes sustainable energy solutions in Oman, encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. Through this project, individuals will gain valuable knowledge and practical experience in solar power, positioning them to contribute to Oman's energy industry and promote sustainable practices.

Overall, this solar campus project is a significant step towards promoting sustainable energy solutions in Oman, while also providing valuable learning opportunities for individuals interested in renewable energy resources.