Muscat – Future City

Muscat - The Future City

Responsible Team: Lecturer Petrit Pasha and Assistant Jan Lisner

Exercise Time: 2-3 hours
Number of Students: 20-30 (maximum)

Presentation: Yes. Lecturer Petrit Pasha will give a short, 15-minute presentation about Future Cities.

Student Exercise Brief: In this exercise, students will be challenged to design and build a model of Muscat's future city. They will be required to incorporate eco-friendly living, sustainable aspects, and futuristic architecture into their designs.

Exercise Materials: Styrofoam cutter, Styrofoam, cutters, rulers, colors, pens, and maps of Muscat.

Learning Outcomes: The exercise will provide students with a basic understanding of architecture and urban design. They will also gain familiarity with architecture student activities and receive their first exposure to design and planning.