Shanghai Crack – Competition

Better Nature, Better City, Better Life

Shanghai Crack

Nature has always been a timeless source of beauty, providing humans with a home and an original environment. However, in cities such as Shanghai, high-density buildings have engulfed almost every natural space, making it difficult for citizens to enjoy nature. Recognizing the importance of natural spaces for human well-being, our goal is to create ecological buildings with natural spaces that can grow organically, providing citizens with more access to nature in the crowded urban spaces of Shanghai.

Inspired by the theme of "Nature," our design incorporates natural spaces on different levels, creating a dynamic and self-organizing system that reflects the logic of nature. We use natural curves and logic to create a harmonious balance between different kinds of power and energy, learning from plants like trees and flowers, which can harness energy from the sun and soil.

Our approach to architecture is guided by the belief that buildings should be alive, changing, and growing organic units that incorporate nature's logic and natural curves. By rejecting the blind use of geometric straight lines, we aim to create dynamic and ecological buildings that reflect the beauty and harmony of nature.

In addition to incorporating natural spaces, we use high-tech solutions to save energy and minimize our impact on the environment. The result is a design that blends the beauty and logic of nature with cutting-edge technology, providing citizens with a sustainable and enjoyable living space.

Overall, our design approach is guided by a deep appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature in human life. By incorporating natural spaces and using ecological strategies, we aim to create a sustainable and harmonious living environment that reflects the timeless beauty and logic of nature.