Maison Mossier

The Mossier House is a remarkable extension of an existing building, designed with a focus on wheelchair accessibility. The designers took great care to ensure that every room, door, and opening was spacious and convenient, making the building easily accessible for people with disabilities.

The need for a wheelchair accessible building was a top priority in the design process, and the result is a space that is not only functional but also visually stunning. The spacious and well-designed rooms ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities, can comfortably navigate the space.

The Mossier House extension seamlessly blends with the existing building, creating a harmonious and visually dynamic living space. The attention to detail in the design process is evident throughout the building, with every aspect carefully crafted to meet the needs of the residents.

Overall, the Mossier House is a testament to the power of design to create accessible and functional spaces that are also visually stunning. The focus on wheelchair accessibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the space, regardless of their physical capabilities, making it a truly inclusive and welcoming living space.