Grey Café

The Grey Café project was developed for a client who already owned several cafes, bringing considerable knowledge and experience to the design process. Together, we decided to divide the interior into specific areas: the front bar, which focuses on coffee preparation and grinding, and the backside kitchen, which is used for food preparation.

In addition to these areas, the café features a pick-up and takeaway zone for customers on the go, a sitting area that serves as a transition zone, and a dining zone located at the back of the café.

By dividing the café into these specific areas, we were able to create a functional and practical space that promotes efficient workflow and enhances the customer experience. The front bar's focus on coffee preparation and grinding ensures that the coffee is of the highest quality, while the backside kitchen allows for efficient food preparation and service.

Overall, the Grey Café project is a testament to the value of collaboration with experienced clients who bring valuable knowledge and expertise to the design process. The result is a functional and visually appealing space that meets the needs of the client and enhances the customer experience.