Experimental Installations


The objective of this design project was to create a sculpture using a single form element that would be replicated several times to construct the final structure. Both the basic form and the final sculpture were designed using Grasshopper, a powerful parametric design tool.

The resulting prototype was created by manually cutting the form element, and the total cost of the project was approximately 150€. Despite the limited budget, the final sculpture was a stunning example of how parametric design can be used to create complex and beautiful structures using simple elements.

The use of Grasshopper allowed for precise control over the design process, ensuring that the final sculpture was both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. By parametrising the design, the team was able to experiment with different design options and create a final product that was both innovative and visually stunning.

Overall, this design project was a testament to the power of parametric design and its ability to create beautiful and complex structures using simple elements. The final sculpture was a stunning example of how creativity, innovation, and precision can be combined to create works of art that push the boundaries of traditional design.