NY Penthouse

The NY Penthouse is a stunning renovation project for a Business Developer, involving the complete transformation of an outdated apartment. The renovation process resulted in the creation of a studio, apartment, and penthouse area, complete with a spacious rooftop terrace.

The renovation process was carefully planned and executed to ensure that the final result met the client's needs and exceeded expectations. The studio, apartment, and penthouse area were thoughtfully designed to provide the highest level of comfort and luxury, with every detail carefully considered.

One of the standout features of the NY Penthouse is the generously sized rooftop terrace, which offers stunning views of the surrounding cityscape. This outdoor space provides the perfect place to relax and unwind, with plenty of room for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the fresh air.

Overall, the NY Penthouse is a testament to the power of renovation projects to transform outdated spaces into luxurious living spaces. The studio, apartment, and penthouse area, along with the rooftop terrace, offer a unique and visually stunning living experience that perfectly suits the needs of the Business Developer client.