CHWB – Competition

The Swedish organization, "Cultural Heritage without Borders," announced a competition to restore and renovate heritage buildings, with a focus on the Vushtri Castle, a 2000-year-old historical site that was to be converted into a Youth Center. The project aimed to create an exhibition area, a museum, and a youth center while blurring the boundaries between inside and outside spaces. The budget allocated for the project was 50,000€.

The goal of the project was to preserve and protect the culturally significant Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn Castle, located in the center of Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn town, ensuring its accessibility and usage by the public. The project also aimed to raise awareness about cultural heritage preservation and integrate principles of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) into the restoration process. By doing so, the project aimed to contribute to the development of local capacities required to manage the protection of Cultural Heritage sites.

Currently, the Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn Castle is in very poor condition due to years of neglect and poorly executed conservation efforts in the past. Its location in a busy city center makes it increasingly vulnerable to further destruction. Therefore, timely interventions are necessary to restore and preserve this historic site, despite the overall restoration process taking a significant amount of time.

Overall, the competition to restore the Vushtri Castle is a crucial step in preserving the cultural heritage of the region and promoting sustainable development. By integrating principles of sustainability and raising awareness about cultural heritage preservation, the project aims to create a lasting impact on the community, contributing to the development of local capacities and protecting the monument for future generations.