CHWB – Competition

This competition announced by the Swedish Organisation “Cultural Heritage without Borders” aimed at the Restauration and renovation of heritage buildings. The focus here was on the Vushtri Castle, which is over 2000 years old and in this project should be converted into a Youth Centre. It also accommodates a museum, exhibition area, and the youth centre and makes the borders between inside and outside floating. The budget was 50.000€.

To support the preservation and protection of Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn Castle, a culturally important historic site located in the centre of Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn town, to ensure accessibility and usage by the public and to support the ongoing protection of this monument that is foreseen by law. To contribute to the development of local capacities required to: manage the protection of Cultural Heritage sites and to promote and raise awareness about cultural heritage preservation in the city of Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn, while integrating principles of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) into the whole process.

Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn Castle is in very poor condition because of a long period of neglect and poorly undertaken conservation works in the past. Its current condition and location in a busy city centre mean that it is increasingly vulnerable to further destruction. While the overall restoration of Vushtrri/Vuĉitrn Castle will take a long time, there are possibilities for efficient and timely interventions.