Nizwa Wall – UNESCO Consultancy

This research project is a collaboration between professors, Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen, Dr. Gustavo Sequiera, and Dr. Petrit Pasha, focusing on the development possibilities of Nizwa as a tourist attraction.

Nizwa, the old capital of the Ibadites, was built in 1668 by Iman Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’rubi and played a critical role in Oman's history. Today, it is Oman's most visited national monument, and its popularity presents a significant opportunity for tourism in Oman. However, the typical visitors to Nizwa only visit the Souq on Friday morning, followed by a short visit to the Fort before departing to other attractions such as the Bahla Fort, Jabrin Fort, and Misfat al Abriyeen. Nizwa's potential as a weekend trip destination is currently underutilized.

If visitors were given the opportunity to explore the beauty of Nizwa's, they would likely stay longer, and a weekend trip could easily turn into a week or month-long stay. By expanding the tourist attractions and promoting the unique features of Nizwa, we can attract more visitors to the area and unlock its full potential as a tourist destination.

Overall, this research project highlights the importance of identifying and promoting the unique features of a location to attract more visitors, promote sustainable tourism, and unlock its full potential.