The Hub of Mediterranean Taste

The League of Writers project aims to establish a center for promoting Albanian and Mediterranean wine and food culture within the city of Tirana. The goal is to create a structure that serves as an international reference point for food culture, agriculture, and sustainable development.

The League will provide a variety of functions, both temporary and permanent, including a bookshop specializing in wine and food culture, selling professional and traditional cooking tools, and biological and local products. It will also feature a multifunctional hall for meetings and debates on food and wine culture, sustainable agriculture, and an educational school for traditional food and cooking. Additionally, a café and administrative area will be available to manage and organize all the activities.

The League project is a public building accessible to all Tirana's citizens interested in developing a food culture related to taste and flavor. The Hub will serve as a benchmark for gastronomic culture, promoting its spread and accessibility. With the presence of a courtyard and café, the space will act as a daily meeting point for people from all walks of life.

The League is open to professionals in the food industry, tourists, producers, chefs, and people who want to learn about and experience local and traditional cuisine. The project aims to create a network of excellence in food traditions in Albania and the Mediterranean countries, providing a space for sharing experiences, knowledge, and products.

Overall, the League of Writers project represents an innovative and exciting initiative to promote food culture, sustainable agriculture, and culinary education in the heart of Tirana. The project offers an inclusive space for people from all backgrounds to come together and celebrate the richness of Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine.