AU Gold House

The recycling of waste materials from ALN construction sites was a defining challenge for our design team in our bid to create a sustainable and cost-effective shelter in the heart of Munich.

Our design objective was to develop a smart and practical shelter that would be easy to build and environmentally friendly. We carefully selected the ideal location for the shelter, settling on the green area in front of the Prinz-Carl-Palais, to offer visitors an exclusive view while emphasizing the design concept - a fusion of a house and a shelter, creating a "home sweet home" ambiance.

The use of recycled materials not only promotes sustainability but also adds to the overall design aesthetic. The shelter provides visitors with a unique and comfortable living space, while the location offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Overall, the shelter project is a remarkable example of how sustainable design can be applied to create innovative and cost-effective solutions. The shelter's unique design and positioning offer visitors a one-of-a-kind experience while promoting environmentally friendly practices.