Throne Chair

The design of a chair for an architect is not only about functionality and beauty but also represents the artistic attitude of the architect. Petrit Pasha's "The Throne" armchair is a perfect example of this, embodying his modern and minimalistic approach to design. The armchair's parametric design was carefully calculated, developed, and improved over several years to create a unique and visually stunning piece of furniture.

The "The Throne" armchair is 3D printed in one piece, featuring a monolithic smooth surface. The hollow shape is designed to carry up to 300kg and is perfectly tailored to the ergonomics of the human body, providing a relaxing structure while also supporting the back to enable a comfortable sitting position. The result is an elegant armchair that perfectly blends modernism and harmony, with a futuristic approach that never compromises on functionality or comfort.

After years of development and 30 different versions, the final "Throne" armchair was patented in Chicago in 2016. The armchair is a true masterpiece of design, representing the perfect union of functionality, innovation, and aesthetics.

Overall, "The Throne" armchair is a testament to the power of design as a means of artistic expression. Petrit Pasha's modern and minimalistic approach to design, combined with the armchair's parametric shape and 3D printing technology, has resulted in a unique and visually stunning piece of furniture that perfectly blends form and function.