The Villa of Mr. X

The proposed transformation of Villa 31 aims to make it a public space for Tirana, a place where different humanistic disciplines can find expression, and a diversified system of activities for citizens.

The project will involve temporary and permanent art interventions, exhibitions, installations, bookshops, coffee shops, performances, concerts, and more. The transformation will coincide with artistic activities and will be funded by cultural activities.

Villa 31 will become accessible, with new ramps and elevators to guarantee mobility throughout the entire building. Some walls will be demolished to erase separations, and every private space of the dictator's house will be transformed by an artist into a public space for visitors. The garden of Villa 31 will become another place for activities, with events organized all summer long, including concerts, picnics, and installations. The project will also include a small housing unit, and a capsule, to host the artists that are invited.

Overall, the transformation of Villa 31 is not just a routine implementation of an architecture project but a symbolic change that involves the public and preserves the collective memory that this villa represents.