Re-Think Shangai – Competition

Re-Think Shanghai

The creation of green spaces along the Shanghai riverside is an innovative idea that serves an essential ecological function. By removing smog and creating unpolluted areas, this approach promotes sustainable architecture for healthy living, free from carcinogenic materials and harmful pollutants such as asphalt and concrete.

The concept of space gardens is inspired by sponge structures and their spaces. The sponge is closely related to water, which is the primary source of life and a pivotal part of Shanghai's history. Sponge spaces are dynamic centers that adapt and change into different special forms based on the density and pressure of water movements. This approach aims to double the green spaces and create a direct connection between them and the Suzhou River, which has been the lifeblood of Shanghai city and its inhabitants for centuries.

The location of the proposed building is significant, as it stands on a direct and meaningful connection between the land and river, which is the core of Shanghai's history. Unfortunately, many buildings have abandoned this connection, resulting in a loss of aesthetic and functional values and neglecting the city's economic and historic significance. The proposed design reunites functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics to create a harmonious and functional space that highlights the city's glorious history.

Overall, the creation of green spaces along the Shanghai riverside and the incorporation of space gardens is an innovative and sustainable approach to architecture. It serves not only an ecological function but also a historical and cultural purpose, reminding us of the city's rich history and connecting us to its lifeblood, the Suzhou River.