Photo Studio

The focus of this project was the conversion of an industrial building into a versatile studio apartment. The renovation involved the complete overhaul of the lighting system, electrical supply, flooring, and windows. The redesign also included the creation of distinct zones with specific functions and the addition of a dressing room. The result is a well-organized, multi-purpose photo studio that can be customized to meet various needs.

The transformation of the former industrial hall into an attractive living space highlights the possibilities of adaptive reuse. The renovation not only improved the functionality of the space but also created a unique and inviting environment. The addition of distinct zones and a dressing room provides flexibility for the studio's various uses, while the updated lighting and electrical systems enhance its functionality.

Overall, this project is an excellent example of how industrial buildings can be converted into adaptable and attractive living spaces. The transformation of the space into a multi-use photo studio demonstrates the potential for repurposing industrial buildings to meet the changing needs of modern society.