Ras al Hadd Souq

The Urban Planning and Design Department at GUtech participated in a competition where I served as the project developer. This particular location holds great significance as it represents a major landmark on the trade routes that connect China, the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and Europe. The Ras al Had location served as a significant stop on both sea and country trade routes, making it a vital part of Oman's heritage.

Given the location's historical importance, our design proposal aimed to pay homage to the location's heritage and Oman in general. We proposed a new sun shading walk path at the souq, which would be accompanied by a new market-main building designed to cool the space via natural air ventilation. Our proposal was successful in making it to the second round of the competition.

The proposed design not only reflects the historical significance of the location but also provides practical solutions to enhance the area's functionality. The new sun shading walk path and market-main building will improve the souq's overall appeal while also promoting natural air ventilation to improve the shopping experience for visitors.

Overall, the Urban Planning and Design Department at GUtech's participation in this competition highlights the department's commitment to innovative and practical solutions that celebrate Oman's heritage while also promoting sustainable design practices.