Vushtrri Castle – Restauration

The Vushtrii Castle renovation was a highly competitive project organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB). The competition challenged designers to submit their best proposals for the renovation of the castle, and after winning, the team embarked on a six-month redesign process to finalize the proposal according to the client's needs.

In the third phase of the project, the team supervised the building process, ensuring that the final product met the highest standards of quality and functionality. This comprehensive approach to the project ensured that the castle's renovation was a success, transforming the historic structure into a modern and functional space that preserves its cultural heritage.

The renovation of the Vushtrii Castle was a challenging and rewarding project that showcased the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative design solutions. The team's attention to detail and commitment to preserving the castle's cultural heritage while also creating a functional and modern space is a testament to their dedication and professionalism.

Overall, the Vushtrii Castle renovation project was a true success, highlighting the importance of preserving cultural heritage while also adapting to modern needs and functionality. The CHwB competition provided an excellent platform for designers to showcase their skills and work together to create a truly exceptional renovation project.