SE House



The SE House is a private residence designed for an Omani entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge in trade and architecture. The client sought a design that blends modern and oriental styles, incorporating traditional Arabic elements and Omani architecture into a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

The majlis, a traditional Arabic gathering space, is located in front of the house, while the back of the house serves as a living area. The upper level is reserved for the private rooms of family members.

The SE House represents an excellent example of how traditional elements can be incorporated into modern design, creating a unique and visually appealing living space. The design blends the client's cultural heritage with modern architectural trends, resulting in a beautiful and functional home.

Overall, the SE House is a testament to the importance of incorporating cultural elements into modern design, creating a space that is both functional and visually stunning. The result is a home that reflects the client's personality and cultural heritage while providing a beautiful and practical living space for their family.