BMW Dingolfing

The new block of flats is situated on Reichenbergerstraße in the eastern part of Dingolfing. Originally built in the 1960s as a workers' settlement to accommodate the growing workforce of companies like BMW and Develey, the area is still dominated by this residential development, typically consisting of a ground floor plus three to four floors. To the west of Reichenberger Strasse, single-family houses with green private gardens characterize the cityscape. The new block of flats takes cues from the surrounding building rhythm and blends into the existing development with its two slightly offset structures.

The multi-storey apartment building includes a ground floor plus four floors, with 25 apartments on each floor. Most apartments offer two or three rooms and have balconies of the same size, all facing southwest. Elevators and staircases in the middle of the northeast provide access to each building, with apartments branching off from a common corridor zone. Of the 20 residential units, one is wheelchair accessible and all are barrier-free.

The basement includes an underground car park with 43 tenant parking spaces, an external carport, and a small parking area for additional parking spaces. Renters can store their bicycles in a spacious bicycle cellar, and each residential unit has a basement room.