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Throne Chair

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Throne Chair
All rights reserved by Petrit Pasha M.Arch

Throne Chair is a comfortable Lounge Chair suited for living room seating.
The fundamental idea of Throne chair is – one-piece smooth seat shell molded to fit perfectly the human body.
Throne Chair is a contemporary version of an old Throne but has saved the powerful impression and comfortable feeling to seat on it.
Design Concept – It has been a long process of research, design, and redesign until the final version.
The Throne Chair has a lot of advantages of the material: a comfortable smooth seat shell, malleability, rigidity, an organic form, a minimum amount of material, and suitability for industrial manufacturing methods.

The Throne Chair made of polypropylene, is offering a multitude of versions with a  variety of different colors (matte and shiny) and for special edition different textures.

Copyright: © petritpasha
Type: Lounge Chair
Material: Polypropylene
Color : Matte, Shiny & Texture
Style: Smooth Organic shell
Location: Germany
Year:  2015-2016