Wave Station



Wave Station (Competition)

Wave local bus station (stop) is a conceptual design for a competition in a small town part of Shenzhen province in China.
Since Shenzhen is one of the cities that face most of its area in to the Sea Side – and it’s well-known for their Shenzhen Bay – the first thing that associates with the city – is Water/Wave.
Research part.

The research till in the last phase was divided in two parts Research about the China city (with particular topic the cities that face to the sea side) and the second part WAVE Research / Design – which is more connected to the design / engineering construction product.

Concept / Idea
Wave itself was hard to defined and for that it took lot of time in to the research phase, first we did research how the wave is created, what is difference between the waves and finally we did a research in particular case of  Shenzhen Bay.
Design Process
The wave simulation  of Shenzhen Bay in  parametric programs thru different tries give us the final product which in plan is similar to wave simulation movement in to the Shenzhen bay and in Section is  the form of the wave itself.

Wind – Resistance
Going straight to the design product Wave design constructively was part of long research which has lot to do with wind – resistance and the flexibility itself of the construction.

Client: Competition
Program: Bus Station (stop)
Location: Shenzhen China
Year: 2016
Scale: 5000 sqm