Master Diploma



Invisible Architecture

Nowadays trends and the future architecture will be more focused in connecting with other scopes of life such as: Physics, Science, Industry.
Designing and engineering was based on creating a new building on the old paths by saving the main street on its previous pathway of the boulevard.

My metaphor for designing the building is based on the movement of the water on the river canyons. The water symbolizes the people that erupt my stones (building) and the smoothness become part of the movement.

Competition TU Delft – Architecture Building
Studio Master: Prof.Dr.Arie Graaflend
Assistant: David Mulder & Max Cohen De Lara

Prof. Alfred Jakoby / Dean of DIA – Bauhaus
Paul Monaghan / Allford Hall Monaghan Morris & Bartlett School
Prof.Dr.Peter Magyar / College of Architecture, Planning & Design