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Photo-Shooting Studio



After the communism in Eastern Europe, most of post industrial places from Soviet Union was abandoned,never used and mostly undefined places…
For the Municipalities and Organisations this places was a problematic spaces and usually occupied from Homeless People, drag dillers/users etc.. Which never aloud them to think how to re-organised / redefined their usage.

Looking  to lot of examples in west, some small private investors with big support of Municipality,  see an opportunity to invest small amount of money in places were everything existing as an infrastructure but is missing the definition of USAGE.

Memories,Stories, Legends was connecting the Buildings with Society of this City – which make us as a designers to thing Vintage.

The building has bin adopted for different use, depending on professions of new renters.

Photo shooting Studio is adopted perfectly to old system of the industrial construction, it has 3 zones: Meeting/Waiting Zone, Shooting place and Dressing/Wardrobe.

Client: Private / Public
Program: Photo-Shooting Studio
Location: Romania
Year: 2016
Scale: 71 sqm (sector)