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Lamborghini Wind Power Monument



Lamborghini Wind Power Monument (Competition)



  • The idea of Wind Turbine design is to show the power of Lamborghini.
  • Concept is based on sustainable design process and renewable eco-energy.
  • Project from the assumption is easy to build and maintain within its light construction.
  • Additionally light elements are less distractive in car traffic.


  • Air is life. Air – wind is inexhaustible natural energy.
  • Wind Turbine is fusion of contemporary technology and energy – power.
  • Contemporary technology and energy-power are symbol of Lamborghini.
  • Those characteristic unifies our Project Idea and Lamborghini.

Concept  Wind Power

  • Two Vertical Wind Turbines place in two roundabouts will generate energy for more than 60 lights, which can be used for: Lamborghini Street, Museum and Factory. – Wind turbines start operating at wind speeds of 3 meters per second.
  • Bologna average wind speed per year is more than 4 meters per second. (4 – 10m/s).


  • Eco Friendly ( renewable, clean, economical)
  • Project follows the EU requirements for energy that establishes 20% renewable for its total need by the year of 2020.
  • It can produce electricity in any wind direction.
  • Gearbox & components are placed in the ground.
  • Blade is design in order to catch maximal force of wind.
  • Low maintenance & production costs.
  • Easy to install. – Minor risk for environment,moves at low speed.
  • Light element, is less distractive in car traffic.
  • Depending on the Lamborghini event, turbine, can be painted in different colors.


Client: Automobili Lamborghini
Program: Road Monument (Competition)
Location: Bologna, Italy
Year: 2016
Scale: 6 m Radius