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01 ALN


Working for ALN.

Housing is design to be build in city of Landshut.

Working in the area were each square meter is very important, our design was based in functional spaces.
Saving the old grid and remaking new design was the main AIM of our team.
Building has 4 floors.
Ground Floor include: 4 Parking Slots, 3 Garages, 1 Technical room, Bike Place, Common Area, Staircase  and 7 storage.
First Floor: 2 Apartments (2 room Apartment)
Second Floor: 2 Apartments (2 room Apartment)
Roof Floor: 1 Apartments (3 room Apartment), Roof Storage

Client: Private
Program: Housing
Location: Landshut, Germany
Year: 2016
Scale: 620 sqm