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AL Ghafat Architectural Heritage – Book

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AL Ghafat Architectural Heritage


This book tells the tale of two cities in Oman’s hinterland.
The first is an old settlement composed of adobe houses, abandoned, decaying, being washed away by time.
The second, on the other hand, is the splendorous residence of the memories of the Al Hinai tribes, where their ancestor lived and where their society thrived.
Both coexist in the same place. Their survival is a mutual challenge as if one disappears the other necessarily will follow into the oblivion.

A group of students of the Urban Planning an architectural design department of the GUTech led by Mr. Pasha engaged on a quest to Ghafat to understand its peculiarities aiming to merge those two cities in a book.

We kindly invite the reader to join in this collection of memories of the local community and the story told by those earthen walls, equally rooted to that space and culture which make Ghafat a special place.