YK House



YK House

By the request of the client, house will be used for a single family purpose.
The house has 280 sqm, shared in two floors.
According to the client request and idea, the house has to be shelter for privacy, neighbor houses are very close to location. We, also we have to meet municipal urban planning requirements.

House will be located in one of the most frequent touristic zone of Prizren, Kosovo.

The design of YK House is a product of long processes of conceptual study.

Design Concept – open living spaces and walking lines are directly in connection to inner garden – atrium, which brings sunlight through house from the ceiling lantern. To achieve requested privacy we have worked on bringing light and garden inside.
Et the first look, house has a really minimal spaces and shape. Connectivity between spaces and transparency make, this design and quality of life inside, really unique.

The ground floor is composed from – living room area connected with kitchen and dining room, bed room for grandparents. In the living room there is a place for a piano and book shelves.
The kitchen mixture between a traditional kitchen and island kitchen, connected directly to a dining table and the living room.
The longitudinal stairs brings you in the upper part of the house, were are located master bedroom end two other bedrooms. Master bedroom has bathroom inside ad view to outside and inner garden. Two bedrooms, for children, that have a direct access to one bathroom.
In the main hall there will be an open library – accessible for the family.

Client: Private
Program: Housing.
Location: Kosovo
Year:  2015-2016
Scale: 280 sqm