Shanghai Creck



Better Nature, Better City, Better Life

Nature as everlasting valid creation;
Nature as a home for human beings;
Nature as an original environment for human;
Nature as timeless beauty in all ages;

We compared Shanghai with some cities in Europe, where people prefer to live. We find out that Shanghai has everything else except nature space. The high density buildings engulfed almost every piece of nature space in the urban areas. But people want to live and enjoy the nature. However, it is difficult for the citizens to find nature space in Shanghai. So we thought that we should make more nature space for the citizens in the crowded urban space of Shanghai.

Nature is the criterion of beauty since the ancient times. People want to live in a city filled with nature. Shanghai needs more ecological buildings. Our idea provides more nature spaces. The building will grow organically. We create the nature on different levels in order to get more nature space. The theme of this district is “Nature”. The whole city will become more dynamic under the nature’s influence. Nature is a self-organizing system. The trees organize the branches in its own zone by the environment. The crown of a tree is a part of nature, which teach us that how to organize the spaces and the volumes in our site.

Architecture must be an alive, permanently changing, and growing organic unit. The blind, cowardly and moronic way of using geometric straight lines in architecture has turned our cities into wildernesses, both in a mental and ecological sense. (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)
We use the nature’s logical and nature curves in our site. So we get a more nature space for human.

Ecological Strategy, we use the self-organizing system to organize the energy balance between different kind of power. We learn the self-organizing logic from different plants in nature like trees, flowers and so on. As we all know, the plants can get energy from sun and soil. If we learn the logic of plants, we can make good ecological buildings. At the same time, we use some high techniques to save energy.

Client Competition
Position (top 15)
Program Urbanism and Architecture
Location Shanghai, China
Year 2012
Scale 35 000 sqm