Shanghai Creck 1



Competition – Re-think Shanghai 1

The idea for creating /planning green spaces near the Shanghai riverside proceeds from their really useful ecologic function, like moving away the smog and creating an un-polluted area nearby.(all based in natural materials, excluding artificial ones)

This makes a sustainable architecture for healthy living, away from carcinogenic materials, asphalt and concrete.

Based on:
The idea of space-gardens comes from sponge structure and its spaces. The sponge is related with water which remembers us the main life-source and Shanghai’ history. Sponge’s spaces are the centers, which depending in density and pressure of water movements they adopt and change in different special forms.

The reason of this idea:
The reason of this idea is doubling the green spaces and making a direct connection between them and Sozhou river, the life, trading and economical source of Shanghai’ city and its inhabitants

The function:
Stands on direct meaningful connection between the land and river, which was main Shanghai’s history. Lately all the building have abounded the connection to the river, which excluding its esthetical values it also has negative functionality, leaving behind the main economic and historic values of Shanghai city.

Connection between functionality, sustainability and esthetics
Shanghai’ river flowing through green gardens , brings out the esthetic and functional values, and reminds us the glorious history of the city.

Client Competitio
Program Urbanism & Architecture
Location Shanghai, China
Year 2012
Scale 35000 sqm