Mother and Child



Mother and Child / Nana dhe Fëmija

Mother and Child is a performance of an well-known director  from Kosovo Professor Bekim Lumi.

Written by Norwegian world-wide writer Jon Fosse, is for first time translated and played by actors from National Theater of Kosovo.

The drama has a strong metaphor of life in the family.

In the main roles are preformed by well-known actors Mrs Meli Qena, Mr. Bujar Ahmeti, Mrs. Maylinda Kosumoviq and Mrs. Donikë Ahmeti from Kosovo.

Performance of the actors in “Mother and child” is accompanied by music played by pianist Mr. Alzan Gashi, which is composed by Mr. Visar Kasa.

The story of the drama is based in conversation between a mother ( in our performance they are three mothers)  and a son, all this conversation happen in between rooms in the mothers house.

In this drama my role as a scenograph has a crucial point in the describing the atmosphere of the conversation and the stations.

Together with director  Professor Bekim Lumi and actors of the performance we developed for six months, a space that has an abstract description of the house spaces.

All scenography was based in the elastic ropes  that was creating the spaces in between the area.

The important role in this drama had the Choreograph of the drama  Mr. Majlajdo Gala and the crystallograph Mrs. Samka Ferri.

After a really hard work, the preformance has a really good critic by viewers,media and drama critics.

The drama is a production of the National Theater of Kosovo, and was a first performance for the season 2015/2016.

Client: National Theater of Kosovo
Program: Scenography of the Drama
Location: Pristina,Kosovo.
Year: 2015
Scale: 60 sqm