Minimalistic interior design




Modern minimalism is loosely defined by paired down design elements, clean lines, and open spaces. But that doesn’t mean each space has to be black and white, we’ve gathered different spaces that celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist. From white open spaces to pops of color and eclectic art, these spaces are going to inspire and open your mind to how modern minimalism can be both inviting and functional in everyday life.


These floor to ceiling windows are real showstoppers that can let tons of beautiful light flood this space.

This minimalist space is bright and warm, and we love that. Minimalist doesn’t have to be cold, so we love how they’ve made this space bright and inviting with both color and materials.

The light that pours into this space is extraordinary.

The bold furnishings, like the giant low and dark couch, really stand out because of the big airy space created here.

This space isn’t that large, but the smart layout and minimalist styling maximize the visual and physical space.


This minimalist kitchen will let your food take center stage.

We love this chic minimalist lamp here that can be tilted either right over the armchair, or up against the wall to reflect the light.

This minimalist space plays with texture wonderfully.

Program: Housing
Location: Germany
Year: 2016
Scale: 80 sqm