Light room



Light room

The name of cocktail bar symbolized the space that has longitudinal design (dimensions 16m x 9.5m) which has a very specific natural and artificial (night) light system in the center of the area.

The area is simply organized – the bar place is in the center, build 150 cm under floor level surrounded with table for two / four persons.

The initial idea is that the bar man has to be visible when he is doing cocktails and drinks for his guests.
To work this type of bar system which has a really big strategy how to attract the people in to the main point of selling the product (cocktail), we had to provide light system in the middle, from there this place will be an attraction point were the people will know how to be directed to bar for self-serve.

Design took a long time to understand our client (barman) which had a really big impact in our design process, finally the impute was really great and attractive…
The form follows the function but also the beauty is how the “function” works in to this form…

Eco way – the water that will be collected  from glass conic (light) system – will be used for different proposes.

Building process is in negations and the project is still in design phase…. As soon as we have more about this project we will be happy to share with you.


building construction concept: armed concrete
Facade: glass structure
inside finish: exposed concrete floors, wooden walls and glass light structure.


Program: Cocktail Bar
Location: Germany
Year:  2016
Scale: 160 sqm