Information Points



Architectural Design Competition for PROJECT – INFORMATION KIOSKS


Informational kiosks are known from the ancient times, ranging from ancient Greek to the Ottoman Empire. Informational kiosks are cultural and tourist information centers transformed up to nowadays.


The project is based on three basic concepts.
1. Aesthetic concept;
2. Constructive concept;
3. Functional Concept.

These concepts are interlinked and create a sustainable building.

Aesthetic Concept

Aesthetic design concept is based on a comprehensive project that shows identity and cultures of all ethnicities in Kosovo. Information Point is designed so it stands out by far as symbolizing the new Kosovar identity.

Constructive Concept

Constructive concept is mainly based on materials that activate local economy and it affects economic development small and medium enterprises.
Materials which will be used are wood, metal, and alucobond.
The project idea is based on its possibility to extend, so in the future will be possible to add an extra showroom.
1. Information point area is – 8 m2 ( with a possibility to extend)
2. Showroom area is – 20m2
(In a Showroom is possible to present a variety of local traditional values, also information and maps
of various places of Kosovo to the local details.)

Economical Aspect
Construction price of a Information kiosk is approximately – 4.000 to 4.500 Euro.

Functional concept is based on the unification of constructive and aesthetic concept.
Information points are base facilities serving as an informer for the tourists. As well as symbolizing the culture of the region and particular country and all the different people who live in it. Basic idea comes from Kosovo’s flag, representing the ethnicity of people nationwide to join.

Client: European Office for Development
Competition / 3rd Place
Program: Information Points
Location: Kosovo.
Year: 2012
Scale: 6.25 sqm