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Working with ALN,

Concept of AU HOUSE – For free

When we read the competition brochure we were really convinced that our project can be cheaper than 250 euro… we propose to do it forFREE….

We will prove you below steps thateverything we are proposing is built and designed in eco way.

– Material (for free)
– Design idea (for free)
– Transport in Bavarian Region (for free)

ALN is anarchitecture officewith 10–15 big construction sites per year, operating with a huge amount ofdesigners,architects, engineers and technical workers in all over Bavaria and Berlin.

We will try to save all waste materials (such as wood,steel and plastic) from working sites andreuse those for our new building. (Thoseare tested and proved from EU for having the best quality in region).
This is the most eco,efficient, economic and human way. As a company we will save 3 % of our budget on transporting and recycling this material, in eco way by reusing wastematerials again and we will prove that our company works/builds for better living environments for our inhabitants.
Our designers, architects and engineers focus on a new design and the idea will depend and be adopted on areas/region’s needs and characteristics in which we’ll be building.
Instead of paying transport to move our waste to the recycling factories, we will bring this to the new building site.

We will use also ideas of our clients to build something sustainable, good and economically affordable.
With this idea, first we will help theenvironment, than we will prove that materials of our waste can be reused for different buildings in a clever way, and we will prove that we will save money from this project.

We propose that these 250 euros allocated for us should instead go to the TU München research laboratory of the Department of Architecture.


Based upon sustainability the idea of reusing waste material from ALN Baustellen has been a challenge for ALN designers and architects. Our aim has been to design something smart, easy to build, sustainable and for free.

Since we are really happy to be part of helping the society we did an urban research and think that Isartoris a place with potential and is not yet presented accordingly to its neighborhood and to tourists. After having chosen Isartor our team decided on site which should be the right position of the AU HOUSE.

We choose the green area in front of the Isartor because we think that people should be put in the first place getting the best view.

Putting the AU HOUSE to the right position and offering people the best view was followed by the idea of designing a building with a shape between house and shelter, creating a home sweet home.

The AU HOUSE offers space for 1 or 2 persons on its 5.4 sqm (166 x 320 x 220 cm) with the flexibility to change its interior accordingly. The construction is based upon reused wooden and metal components.

Plastic glass forms the window in order to enjoy the best view on the Isartorand a golden foil is used to protect against sun, wind and rain… and to show the power of the free AU HOUSE.

Since we have chosen a place that offers proximity to food and drinking, toilet, S-Bahn, taxi and bus we have thought about another gadget and included a showering system. Just opening the door inside the room (q. v. plans and sections) 10 litres of water that are ecologically heated up by sun light offer every guest a showering adventure in the center of the city.

Our experience on different building types and housing systems makes us believe that this is our chance to let people in Munich reflect their lives and see the inner quality of their own city.


Client: Raumlabor
Program: Housing
Location: Munich, DE
Year: 2015
Scale: 6 sqm